Meebles Musical Bubble Show

Enter the magical world of the Meebles, a stage musical with 6 eccentric characters in a circus, their sworn oath, to help the children in the Virtual Obedience factory to do what they love to do….but not if Von Zalatan can help it. No, he is the half man half robot owner of the factory where childrens heart strings are powering the most ungreen system, by virtue of their tech mind sets, constantly gaming on tablets, mobiles and computers. Follow one of the children, Kalen, who escapes from the factory to find the elusive fortune teller, Madame Mazinska, as she directs him on a journey to reunite the Meebles, and bring back the bubble elixir from the waterfall, the magical formular for making wish bubbles.



Well we did it! A 7 show run of the Meebles musical bubble show at the Brighton Fringe. I’d just love to thank all those people who supported it either through the Crowd funding campaign, or came to see one of the performances. Of course, it could could not have gone ahead without the five other wonderful Meebles who learnt their parts within the space of a week.

So now it’s on to Glastonbury with the show to iron out the rough edges and fine tune this magical show inspiring children to do what they love.


Promoting Meebles Get the Show on the Road at Fringe Picnic in the Park

Yes, Brighton Fringe is serving up something magically spectacular at this years festival for families with children from 3-8.



Mujishan- Magical Bubbler SIMON FORTUNE
Max- Guitar playing LOUISE HOLAH
Melody- Dancing rebel MARIA PAYNE
Kalen- Singing manboy EDEN AVITAL ALEXANDER
Madame Mazinska- Meebles fortune Teller CHERYL ROBERTS
Von Zalatan- The owner of Obedience factory SIMON FORTUNE

Rehearsing at St Andrews Church, Waterloo Street

Promoting the Meebles Get the Show on The Road at Bartholomew Square on Friday 26 May


‘Thanks for letting us come and see the show last week, we really enjoyed it even though it was in rehearsal mode. I think from my daughters reaction that generally it would be a great show for kids, it has a good lesson in it and just enough audience interaction and bubbles to keep the kids glued.  The focus on the tech sets will hopefully get through to some kids and would entice parents to bring their own children. The character who if I remember rightly was called Kalen was excellent, it was easy to warm to him and want him to escape and be happy! I can imagine if the show is in the church with more bubbles and visuals it would be a good one to watch, the songs were fun too.
Many Thanks

Excerpts from work in progress performance of Meebles get the show on the Road at the Hove Grown Festival at the beginning of April

The Meebles are sprinkling the final touches of bubble enchantment to rehearsals in preparation for just 7 magical showings of their ‘Meebles Get the show on the Road Show’ at St Andrew’s Church, during the Half Term Summer Break from 29th May till 4th June, 11.30 am.





Don’t miss out on this very special opportunity at St Andrews Church, Waterloo St, venue 263 of the Fringe, and to book tickets phone 01273763235, or click on

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